Mini Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Do you get confused about what to gift your loved ones???
Yeah me too
So why not make something!!
A dream catcher is a carefully assembled willow band woven to a web or truly, a net. Feathers and beads are used in the dream catcher. They are customarily suspended on cribs as a type of shield and assurance.
Let’s get started on how to make it.


§  Bangles
§  Thread or Wool
§  Super Glue
§  A pair of scissors
§  Old Wedding Invites or Coloured Ivory Papers
§  Beads

Method :

1.    Take two bangles, stick them together. Let it dry
2.    Now wrap the bangle with thread or wool.
3.    After this, we start with the pattern inside the bangles. Take a piece of string and tie a knot on the bangle and follow the procedure as shown in the image.
4.    And when the design is almost complete take the bead and insert the string through it and tie a knot including a string from the design.
5.    Now keep the bangle aside and take a few colored pieces of paper of 7*7 cm then make a feather-like structure cut it out.
6.    Then mark a line in the middle and cut horizontally from the edge to the middle line. Make as many you want to include in your dream catcher.
7.    Now cut 9 strings of 13cm each.
8.    After that attach them to the bangles, then stick the paper feathers on the string.
9.    Make a small loop of thread attach it to the bangle for hanging purposes.
Would love to know your views do comment down and share your views.
Hope you all liked this little creation if you decide to try this miniature gift out. Do share your photos with me. Would love to put your work in my photo gallery because every creation is beautiful.
And voilà you have your mini Dream Catcher.


Want to find the treasure in the deepest of the ocean

or fight those dark creatures coming your way!!

Nap peacefully

The Dream Catcher is on its way

-Aditi Gupta

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