Wall Décor

Wall Decor

Decorating a room can be a bit stressful. If you are stressed then here comes this small craft to your rescue and make you feel refreshed.

One of the best decorations for your home is handmade wall hangings and decoration.
It can also be one of the best gifts for your dear ones.

Let’s get started and have fun making a beautiful art piece with a lot of mess.


 A circular frame of desire desired radius OR craft metal wire
 Paper Ribbon/paper rope strings OR Embroidery String OR Wool
 Some colored papers of your choice
 Artificial Flowers ( optional )
 Glue
 Scissors
 Punching machine


1. If you opted for wire straighten it out the bend it to form a circle. If you opted for the frame then take your frame.
2. Wrap the frame/wire with the string of your choice.
3. Start wrapping the frame in a zig-zag pattern along the diagonal until you are satisfied with the pattern.
4. Make a lot of flowers using colorful papers.
5. Cover the rim of the frame using both handmade and artificial flowers
6. Cut some leaves out and insert them in-between flowers.
7. Cut 10-12 pieces (as per your choice) of strings of 30 cm each.
8. Tie the strings to frame randomly.
9. Cut 10-12 square of 10 cm each.
10. Attach the squares to the strings hanging loose on the frame.
11. Paste photos write messages and you have a décor ready for your home or a small gift for your friends.

We have all been there when we have no idea what’s missing in the room that’s the moment these small crafts come to rescue and help the room look complete.

Hope you all liked this little creation if you decide to try this miniature gift/decor out.

Do share your photos with me. Would love to put your work in my photo gallery because every creation is beautiful.

Would love to know your views do comment down and share your views.

Wakeup with blissful eyes
see your world a little more
and travel in no time.
-Aditi Gupta

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